Types of Ballroom and Latin dance teachers

Over the years of taking lessons and attending dance sport competitions we thought it is time to make a list of a few different types of Ballroom and Latin dance teachers. There are so many different types of teachers, due to experience from beginning teachers to established teachers. You might recognize one or two of the bellows. Tell us below which one you recognize!

The emotional teacher

This type of teacher is usually recognized by teaching feelings, as you know yourself your feeling might be different to the one of your partner, which means it’s also different to your teacher. Therefore it can be sometimes a different experience during the lesson for you as a couple and the teachers. I have noticed that especially the older generation of teachers teach in this way. You recognize them if they say, feel the music…. Is it not that you hear the music?? Or I want to see the passion, the love and hate.

You might face the situation that this type of teacher takes ask you to show “power”/”staccato” actions in tango or chachacha and they let you say things like: “WHA/WHO/AAAH or perhaps you favorite meal.. Pizza/Pasta/Beef.

The goal of this teacher is to show the emotion/artistic site of your dancing. At the end of the day dancing is showing emotion and feeling through movement on music.

Technical teacher

Technique, technique, technique. If this is your first time with this type of teacher they will mentioned and tell you. “Today I want to explain you the most important topic in your dancing, the technique.”  Ever experienced this type of teacher? They focus a lot on footwork, amounts of directions, timing, rise and fall, hip design, couple positions etc.

Perhaps you will recognize it with a different example, ever stood on the spot or only did 1 figure for the full lesson? Well hopefully you recognize the technical teacher now?

The Goal of this teacher is most of the time fine tuning your dance performance, or if you studying to become an examinator or do your tests for medals/judging etc.

Sore muscles teacher

Well yeah, perhaps the above picture gives you an idea what will be discussed below? Indeed this type of teachers let you do dance positions and exercises you have never done before in your life. At least you know the next day that you have done a workout and that you can skip the gym.

Ever had to dance together with your teacher? Well prepare you self, especially in the quickstep. Make sure your leg muscles are ready to do a sprint because you teacher drag you around the floor to show you the power and speed they dance on and you should dance. Make sure your if you do chacha or rumba that your legs are straight, if not they will hit your legs and say “straight your knees!”.

These type of teachers are the best for your performance practice, they seem to like you suffering. “Push, don’t stop, keep your arms up, don’t lose your balance”… ever experienced this teacher?

The main goal of this teacher is probably to get your muscles working. Even better, they make sure your body muscles can remember what to do.

Crazy teacher

One of my favorites, high level of fun and still your learning a lot of things! This type of teacher makes you laugh all the time, even though you have the worst day of your life, after this lesson you are happy and you have learned something. Sometimes this type of teacher is recognizable as the mental coach. Ever faced this type of teacher? They say “the best way to learn is by having fun”, may this type of teacher takes it to the next level?

Normally, these type of teachers don’t take things to serious like being on time… as long as they do your lesson(s) and he or she feels you have learned something. Normally they run over time with your lesson.

The main goal for this type is that you feel you have learned something and actually improved. They are not there to give you a bad feeling, they support you mentally and let you feel good.


Yes there are more types of teacher in Ballroom and Latin dancing. The list above gives you a rough idea, and hopefully you recognize your teacher/teachers?

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